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The greenMachine HDR EVIE Constellation is a fully featured broadcast quality real time frame by frame HDR to SDR converter, with a frame sync and 4K UHD scaler supporting formats up to 4K UHD (3840x2169).

The HDR EVIE Constellation must be used on the greenMachine titan 4-channel HW platform. It provides either a single 12G 4K-UHD processing channel, or four independent processing channels for SDI signals up to 1080p 3Gbit/s.

Modern image sensors offer significantly wider dynamic color ranges than classic TV devices can reproduce. The color ranges are defined as High Dynamic Range (HDR) and Standard Dynamic Range (SDR). SDR describes the older dynamic range in SD and HD-TV standards. With HDR there are completely new possibilities for broadcast and AV productions to provide an increased dynamic range for the viewer, including brighter highlights and more details in the dark areas of the image resulting in more brilliant and realistic images. One of the major challenges when introducing HDR with its tremendous image enhancements is to maintain good backward compatibility with existing SDR displays and receivers.

HDR Evie is the world’s first system using advanced algorithms which automatically analyze and apply optimal corrections in real time on a frame by frame bases. This unique capability is unlike any solution today and is the perfect real time production tool for sports or any live broadcast event needing high quality real time HDR to SDR conversions.

Typically, HDR to SDR conversion is achieved using a single static correction for the entire production, which can be accomplished with LYNX Technik’s greenMachine HDR Static Conversion solution. This is effective for fixed, predictable applications such as TV studio production. However, for more dynamically demanding and unpredictable content, such as live sports or news broadcasts, the analysis and corrections must be adapted on a frame by frame basis to cope with challenging lighting conditions, brightness levels and image composition. Until now “frame by frame” corrections were only possible by manually applying correction metadata to each frame which is then utilized during live playback; a non-real-time process, both time consuming and expensive.

This greenMachine HDR EVIE constellation also includes spatial Up, Down and Cross conversions for 4K UHD, audio processing and shuffling, color correction, timing adjustment, Meta Data processing and the Nova controller which enables the greenMachine to be remotely controlled and monitored via third party master control software. CustomControl is also included providing simplified customised screen panels offering direct access to user selected parameters.

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  • Broadcast quality dynamic HDR to SDR converter
  • Supports Gamma, PQ,HLG and Slog3
  • Supports Rec. 601, Rec. 709 and Rec. 2020 color spaces
  • Frame sync supporting formats up to 4K UHD (3840x2169)
  • Multiple adjustable user delays for audio and video
  • Basic testpattern generator
  • Multiple additional processing features allows for adjustments of the video content, e.g. gain, hue etc.

Package includes HDR Static*
•  Static HDR <> SDR Conversion- provides the best “roundtrip” (HDR>SDR>HDR or SDR>HDR>SDR)
•  3G Quad channel or 4K UHD single chanel configuration
•  MADI input and output
*The greenMachine hardware will support only one configuration at a time. It can either be used in HDR Evie+ configuration or HDR Static configuration.

Ordering Information

GMC-HDR-EVIE-titan greenMachine titan constellation: provides dynamic HDR to SDR conversion. Single channel 4K/UHD HDR processing incl. 4K/UHD Up/Down Conversion or 4 channel 3G SDI HDR processing incl. Frame Synchronizer
greenMachine titan 4K/UHD or 3G/HD/SD Quad Channel SDI Video and Audio Processing Platform
RFR 6000 Rack Frame for greenMachine
RXT 6001 Rack extension for RFR 6000
RPS A100 AC to DC Desktop Power Supply Module 12V/8A
HDR Evie+ Segmented Dynamic HDR to SDR converter
HDR Static HDR <> SDR Converter for greenMachine titan