greenMachine callisto+

Dual Channel 3G/HD/SD SDI Video and Audio Processing Platform

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The greenMachine callisto+ platform provides for simultaneous processing of up to two individual SD/HD/3G SDI signals. The hardware itself is a powerful general-purpose audio and video processing appliance that can perform many different functions using one of the available greenMachine configurations (constellations), i.e. 2CUPXD.
The user can select and license just the constellation, or multiple constellations required at the point of order and can switch between these licensed constellations at any time. Additionally, they may purchase licenses for additional constellations in the future. As all constellations are pre-installed, unlicensed constellations can be deployed for testing and proof of system concept but will show watermarks at the outputs.

Fiber SFP options are available for one SD/HD/3G SDI input and output. The Nova controller (full remote control) is included in the basic framework.


  • 2x 3G general purpose A/V processing appliance
  • Internal input and output signal routers
  • Compatible with available greenMachine callisto+ constellations
  • Integrated control panel with color display for live image monitoring, audio level meters, status indication and menu driven control interface
  • Small footprint: 1RU high x half 19” rack width
  • 2x electrical SD/HD/3G SDI inputs. Level A and Level B DL
  • 2x electrical SD/HD/3G SDI outputs. Level A and Level B DL
  • 1x HDMI input (1.4b) and 1x HDMI output (1.4b) up to 3G
  • 1x Analog reference input and output (bi-level or tri-level sync)
  • 1x Electrical LAN I/O connection
  • 4x Balanced analog audio or digital AES Audio inputs
  • 4x Balanced analog audio or digital AES Audio outputs
  • 4x GPI inputs and 4x GPI outputs
  • 1x Optional SDI fiber I/O (basic fiber or CWDM): SD/HD/3G
  • 1x Optional Ethernet LAN fiber connection (basic or CWDM)
  • Optional redundant power protection
  • Optional 19” rack frame
  • Nova controller included: Full remote control using greenGUI control software
  • Full SNMP V2 support

Ordering Information

GM 6825 EU 1 x greenMachine callisto+, 1 x Power Supply (EU power plug)
GM 6825 US 1 x greenMachine callisto+, 1 x Power Supply (US power plug)
GM 6825 UK 1 x greenMachine callisto+, 1 x Power Supply (UK power plug)
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