Dual-Channel Up/Down/Cross Converter



The greenMachine 2CUPXD is a broadcast-quality video processing unit that has a dual-channel up/down/cross converter with frame synchronizer supporting formats up to 3G-SDI (1920 x 1080) per channel. It includes full audio processing capabilities, scalars for the spatial conversion of the video signals including a versatile region of interest (ROI) selection and high-performance deinterlacers on the two processing channels.
A greenMachine callisto+ with the 2CUPXD constellation deployed also provides four processing channels with independent audio embedder & de-embedder, audio processing, Dolby E® decoding, color correction and many more features. It comes with a fully-featured local control interface with LCD which displays image previews and audio level meters of the processed video paths in addition to the graphical user interface called greenGUI. It is also supported by the Nova controller which enables the module to be remotely controlled and monitored via third party master control software.


  • Two independent 3G channels (2x3G)
  • Spatial converter with a powerful region of interest (ROI) selection and scaling.
  • Deinterlacers with Motion adaptive filtering on channel 1 and channel 2
  • Automatic detection of 3G level A/B
  • Automatically match the video processing delay with embedded audio
  • Adjust saturation, black gain and hue, blanking interval deletion, aperture correction and much more
  • Adjust gain, offset, lift, and gamma for RGB and CMYK.
  • Multi-format audio embedder and de-embedder
  • Provides audio gain adjustment, mute, inversion, stereo to mono-mix and much more
  • Two Dolby E® decoders can be used to decode all 8 channels contained in a Dolby E® stream.
  • The Dolby® metadata can be mapped to VANC acc. to SMPTE 2020-3 and SMPTE 2020-2.
  • Full MADI in/out support if the greenMachine is equipped with an optionally available MADI SFP.
  • Each video and AES or MADI audio channel can be individually delayed

Ordering Information

2C UPXD Dual-Channel Up/Down/Cross Converter
greenMachine callisto+ Dual Channel 3G/HD/SD SDI Video and Audio Processing Platform
3G UPXD Dual 3G Up/Down/Cross Converter + Dual Scaler
4K UPXD 4K UHD Up/Down/Cross Converter
BIDI Transport Bi-directional Transport for greenMachine titan