HDR Evie+

Segmented Dynamic HDR to SDR converter

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The greenMachine HDR Evie+ (Enhanced Video Image Engine), 1 RU half 19” rackmount, is a real-time segmented frame-by-frame broadcast-quality High Dynamic
Range (HDR) to Standard Dynamic Range (SDR) converter, with frame sync supporting formats up to 4K UHD (3840x2160). It is the world’s first system that uses the
advanced algorithm for sectional dynamic tone mapping which automatically analyzes different sections of an image in HDR stream and applies optimal corrections on
a frame by frame basis in real-time. This unique capability is unlike any other solution today and is the perfect real-time production tool for sports or any live broadcast
event needing high-quality real-time HDR to SDR conversions. HDR EVIE+ fits best in the single native HDR workflow reducing cost on equipment and manual
HDR EVIE+ provides 1x 4K/UHD processing channel supporting down-conversion from HDR transfer characteristics to SDR through appropriate sectional dynamic
tone mapping. It also supports Wide Color Gamut (WCG) needs of broadcasters, and professional AV live events requirement. HDR Evie+ package also includes
HDR Static configuration for Static HDR <> SDR conversions, which performs static tone mapping to realize UP/Down/Cross conversions between HDR and SDR,
suited best for the studios or the environments where the light conditions do not change dynamically.

Watch the LUT vs Evie+ conversion video here!


Input / Output Data Range
•  Full range : Video signal representation (10bits) in full range of values from 0 to 1023 decimal (according to ITU BT 2100)
•  Narrow range : Traditional video signal (10 bits)  representation from 64 to 940 decimal values

Dynamic Processing
•  Local Dynamic to Global Dynamic Ratio engine  allows a user to mix sectional tone mapping and global tone mapping proportionally
•  Global Dynamic to Static Ratio engine allows a user to mix dynamic tone mapping and static tone mapping proportionally
•  Dynamic adaptation speed engine (frame-by-frame) allows a user to adjust tone mapping calculation speed to get smooth and consistent viewing impression
•  Automated Scene Detection engine allows a user to adjust the parameter that detects a scene change for automated adjustment of image brightness levels
•  User-adjustable target brightness, contrast, and saturation

Other included features
•  Frame Synchronizer
•  Embedding /De-embedding with DolbyE™ embedding support
•  Basic Audio & Video Test Generator
•  Audio Processing with gain adjustment, mute, inversion, and stereo to mono mix-down
•  MetaData Management
•  Video Adjustment include saturation, gain, black and hue adjustment
•  Color matching
•  Timing with available video and audio delay per channels is 30 frames and 1.3 seconds respectively
•  Nova controller with full SNMP v2 support and custom control

Package includes HDR Static*
•  Static HDR <> SDR Conversion- provides the best “roundtrip” (HDR>SDR>HDR or SDR>HDR>SDR)
•  3G Quad channel or 4K UHD single chanel configuration
•  MADI input and output
*The greenMachine hardware will support only one configuration at a time. It can either be used in HDR Evie+ configuration or HDR Static configuration.

Ordering Information

GMC-HDR-EVIE+-titan Segmented Dynamic HDR to SDR converter
greenMachine titan 4K/UHD or 3G/HD/SD Quad Channel SDI Video and Audio Processing Platform
RFR 6000 Rack Frame for greenMachine
HDR Static HDR <> SDR Converter for greenMachine titan
HDR Evie Dynamic HDR > SDR Converter for greenMachine titan
RPS A100 AC to DC Desktop Power Supply Module 12V/8A
RXT 6001 Rack extension for RFR 6000