CDX 5624

HD Down Converter with Analog and Digital Outputs

Datasheet Reference Manual


Down conversion is a widespread functionality required in the migration from SDTV to HDTV infrastructures. To ensure a smooth transition LYNX Technik™ provides a variety of solutions including a broadcast quality HD down converter and de-embedder which provides SDTV audio and video outputs in both analog and digital formats.

Multi format operation and flexibility allows the module to be used in a variety of functional applications. With a SDTV input the module functions as a D/A converter, de-embedder and digital distribution amplifier. With a HDTV input the module will provide broadcast quality down converted video outputs in both analog (composite) and digital (SDI) formats with analog and digital (AES) audio outputs. Automatic video format and video standard detection allows the module to detect and re configure itself for the connected input format, perfect for today’s multi-format environments.

Down conversion is full broadcast quality with a choice of output formats of either 16:9 Letterbox, 4:3 Stretch to Fill or 4:3 Center Cut. Built in 709>601 color space conversion ensures legal color reproduction in SDTV and adjustable horizontal aperture correction is provided to add (or remove) sharpness from the converted outputs.

All audio (8xAES) is de-embedded from each input, delayed 1 frame to compensate for the video processing delay and then re-embedded back into the down converted digital outputs. Two digital AES outputs plus two stereo pair analog audio outputs are provided which can be taken from any of the 8 internal de-embedded audio streams.

Local control is provided via the matrix display and user menu system and full remote control is possible when using a LYNX control system option.


  • Compact down converter and audio/video D/A converter
  • Digital and analog audio and video outputs
  • Multi-rate operation, auto detect input video format. Supported formats
    • SDTV: 525/59.94Hz, 625/50Hz.
    • HDTV: 1080i / 59.94Hz/ 60Hz / 50Hz. 720P / 59.94 Hz / 60Hz / 50Hz
  • Broadcast quality Down Conversion
  • Three selectable Preset Down Conversion Modes
    • 16:9 Letterbox
    • 4:3 Center Cut
    • 4:3 Stretch to Fill
  • Color Space conversion
  • De-embed complete audio payload from the SDI input (8 x AES)
  • Audio delayed to match video processing and re-embedded into converted outputs
  • One frame (fixed) processing delay
  • 2 x balanced AES3 outputs (user selectable)
  • 3 x CVBS or 1 x CVBS and 1 x YC or 1 x YUV analog video outputs
  • 2 x Stereo pair balanced analog audio outputs (user selectable)
  • 2 x Digital SDI outputs (configurable as converted outputs or reclocked input signals)
  • Full video processing for analog video outputs 
  • Full Audio processing for analog audio outputs
  • Integrated test pattern generator
  • Test patterns provided on all outputs (Digital and Analog video outputs)
  • Selectable auto test pattern mode if input is lost
  • Adjustable Horizontal Aperture Corrector for converted outputs
  • Passes any embedded Dolby E streams transparently to converted outputs
  • Audio is delayed to match video delay automatically
  • All settings accessible through the LYNX control system using windows GUI
  • All settings stored in internal flash RAM and are preserved through power cycles

Ordering Information

CDX 5624 HD Down Converter with Analog and Digital Outputs
RFR 5014 2RU Rack Frame + Power Supply (no fans)
RBO 5025 25 Pin SubD Adapter PCB
RAC M25-8 Audio Breakout Cable 25 D-Sub to 8 x Male XLR
RFR 5018 2RU Rack Frame plus Primary Power Supply