PDA 5280

Digital Audio Processor and Dolby Transcoder

Datasheet Reference Manual


The PDA 5280 is a fully featured Dolby E to Dolby D Trans-coder with an integrated SDI frame synchronizer. The module is suitable for use with SD/HD and 3G video formats.

A DolbyE encoded audio stream can be trans-coded into a Dolby Digital or Dolby Digital Plus stream. Alternatively, a standard 2.0 PCM audio stream can be encoded into a Dolby Digital or Dolby Digital Plus stream.

32 channels of internal audio processing are provided which includes adjustable gain, phase, invert, sum and mute. Each channel also has overload and silence detection.

The frame synchronizer uses a flywheel concept and as such can accommodate the most demanding SDI inputs. Sophisticated processing ensures no “pops of clicks” are present in the audio when dropping or and adding frames. Up to 62 frames of programmable delay is provided.

The 8 external AES audio ports can be individually configured by the user as audio inputs or outputs. Existing embedded audio can be de-embedded internally, processed and routed through an audio mono crossbar in addition to up to eight external audio inputs.


  • This module requires two slots in the rack frame
  • The use of the APPolo control system is MANDATORY for this module. If installed in a RFR 5012 chassis please make sure a rack controller (RCT 5023 G) is installed in the rack.

Dolby, DD Dolby Digital and DD+ Dolby Digital Plus are registered trademarks of Dolby Laboratories.


  • Dolby Digital and Dolby Digital Plus encoding of PCM or Dolby E input signals
  • Supports SD/HD and 3GBit/s standards (auto-detect)
  • Video Frame Synchronizer
  • Individually configured ports as inputs or outputs
  • Existing embedded audio can be de-embedded
  • Delete, replace or shuffle existing embedded audio
  • Mono audio crossbar
  • 32 Channel audio processing (mono gain, test tone, mute, phase invert, mix, overload and silence detection)
  • Up to 62 frames of programmable video delay in frame, line and pixel increments
  • Up to 10 seconds of programmable audio delay in individual audio sample increments
  • Embedded audio group selection
  • Audio embedded into test pattern if no SDI input present
  • Selectable Horizontal and Vertical Video Blanking

Ordering Information

PDA 5280 D Digital Audio Processor and Audio Transcoder (SubD-25 AES3)
PDA 5280 U Digital Audio Processor and Audio Transcoder (MiniDIN AES3id)
RCT 5023-G Rack Controller
RFR 5018 2RU Rack Frame plus Primary Power Supply
RFR 5014 2RU Rack Frame + Power Supply (no fans)
RBO 5025 25 Pin SubD Adapter PCB