DVD 1423

12G SDI 2x 1>3 Distribution Amplifier

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The DVD 1423 is a compact SDI distribution amplifier, which is suitable for all SMPTE standard SDI signals from 270Mbit/s through 4K UHD (12 Gbit/s). The SDI input formats are auto-detected and all outputs are reclocked.

Each channel is 100% independent and can process different SDI formats if required.

SMPTE 259M (270Mbit/s), SMPTE 292M (1.5Gbit/s), SMPTE 424M (3Gbit/s), SMPTE 2081 (6GBit/S) and SMPTE 2082 (12GBit/s) standards are supported.


• 2 independent inputs
• 3 outputs per channel
• Suitable for SDI video up to 12Gbit/s (4K/UHD)
• Supports SD SDI, HD SDI, 3G SDI, 6G SDI and 12G SDI
• Reclocking
• Auto-detect input format
• Input present LED indication

Ordering Information

DVD 1423 12G SDI 2x 1>3 Distribution Amplifier
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RFR 1000-1 yellobrik 1RU Rack Frame
RFR 1001 yellobrik Mounting Bracket
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