OSP 1814

Passive Optical Splitter / Combiner



The OSP 1812, OSP 1812 M and OSP 1814 are compact optical splitters that are used to split or combine a fiber optic signal.
Three versions are available:
OSP 1812
One input (100%) and two outputs (each 50%)
OSP 1812 M
One input (100%) and two outputs, one at 90% power and a second at10% power. Typically used as a monitoring output.
OSP 1814
One input (100%) and four outputs (each 25%)
These yellobriks are passive in operation, which means they require no power. They can be used as standalone modules or mounted into the yellobrik RFR 1018 19” rack frame.


  • Optical Splitter / Combiner
  • Passive operation (no power required)
  • LC optical connections
  • Optional ½ RU 19” rack frame

Ordering Information

OSP 1814 4 Channel Soptical Splitter 25/25/25/25 - One input (100%) and four outputs (each 25%)
OSP 1812 Passive Optical Splitter / Combiner
OSP 1812 M Passive Optical Splitter / Combiner
RFR 1018 yellobrik 0.5RU Rack Frame for passive fiber modules