OSW 1022

2x2 Optical Switch

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The OSW 1022 is an optical 2x2 switch that provides connection paths between two pairs of fiber optic. The compact OSW 1022 switch is suitable for a wide range of applications such as fibre line emergency  switchover, route diversity, optical networking system protection, and reconfiguration.

It allows the selection of passive optical paths via GPI control, or local dip switches, or PC/Mac. The GPIs and GPOs provide selection and monitoring of connection paths State 1 & State 2.

It also provides latching and non-latching mode. In the latching mode, the optical switch maintains the current optical connection path (state) and does not change on power failure. In the non-latching mode, the optical
switch switches to State 1 connection path upon power failure. When the power is restored, the switch will revert to the connection path set by the dip switch or to the state set by the GUI.


• Compact 1 slot yellobrik module
• Two optical connection paths: State 1 and State 2
• Non-latching and latching mode
• 2 x GPI for path selections
• 2 x GPO for connection path monitoring
• 4 x dip switches for local control
• 2 x LEDs to display connection path status
• 1 x LED to display power status
• 1 x mini USB for PC control and configuration via yelloGUI
• Singlemode fiber connection with LC connector

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OSW 1022 2x2 Optical Switch
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