RCT 1012

yellobrik Rack Controller

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The RCT 1012 is a compact one slot yellobrik module designed to combine the control of up to 12 yellobrik modules to an ethernet port. It is a one-stop solution for the management and control of several yellobriks in an easy, fast, and efficient manner without requiring an individual connection to each module for setting parameters or updating the firmware. All connected yellobrik modules are visible on the network remotely.

RCT 1012 automatically discovers the connected yellobrik modules and displays them in the device tree below the controller node. It allows bulk firmware updates of all the selected yellobrik modules and facilitates the configuration of all the connected yellobriks via the IP network.

RCT 1012, when mounted on an RFR 1000-1 rack frame, will provide status information of the primary and redundant power supply via 4 GPI contacts.

To manage and control yellobrik modules via RCT 1012, download and install APPolo Control System. RCT 1012 and the connected yellobrik modules cannot be configured or managed via yelloGUI

*Please check the compatible yellobriks that allow remote monitoring and configuration in the document “RCT 1012 Installation and Configuration Guide"


  • One slot yellobrik module
  • Supports control up to 12 yellobriks
  • Provides 12 USB A ports for connection
  • 4 x GPI connections for monitoring power supply status of RFR 1000-1
  • 1 x Ethernet 10/100/1000
  • 1 x Reset button for changing the settings to default values
  • 1 x mini USB for maintenance
  • LED Status for power, USB overcurrent, and high temperature warning
  • APPolo GUI / Server compatible to access module settings

Compatible yellobriks:

CDH 1813 CHD 1802-1 CHD 1812-1
CQS 1441 OSW 1022 ORX 1702-1 LC
ORX 1702-1 MM ORX 1702-1 SC ORX 1702-1 ST
OTX 1712-2 LC OTX 1712-2 MM OTX 1712-2 SC
OTX 1712-2 ST PDM 1284 B PDM 1284 D
PDM 1383 PMV 1841 PVD 1800


Ordering Information

RCT 1012 yellobrik Rack Controller
RFR 1000-1 yellobrik 1RU Rack Frame
RFR 1001 yellobrik Mounting Bracket
ORX 1702-1 Analog Sync / Video Fiber Optic Receiver
CDH 1813 3Gbit SDI to HDMI Converter + 3D Support
CHD 1802-1 HDMI to SDI Converter
CQS 1441 Bi-directional Single-Link to Quad-Link converter
OTX 1712-2 Analog Sync / Video Fiber Optic Transmitter
PDM 1284 B AES audio Embedder / De-embedder (unbalanced AES)
PDM 1284 D AES audio Embedder / De-embedder (balanced AES)
PDM 1383 Analog Audio Embedder / De-embedder
PMV 1841 3Gbit SDI to HDMI Quad Split + 4K Monitoring
PVD 1800 3Gbit SDI Frame Synchronizer with Up/Down/Cross Converter