greenMachine titan

4K/UHD or 3G/HD/SD Quad Channel SDI Video and Audio Processing Platform

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greenMachine adopts a three-prong approach to product definition and function. Rather than being a fixed application specific box, greenMachine is a combination of general-purpose hardware, constellation (pre-defined set of functionalities/features) for re-programmable functionality and powerful control software

The current greenMachine titan processes four 3G/HD/SD-SDI video streams or a single 4K/UHD video input. It offers up to 12G processing support (3840 x 2160 @60 Hz) and provides the functionality to convert between single-link 4K video (12G) and quad-link 4K video (2SI; 4x3G).
The greenMachine titan hardware is a powerful general-purpose audio and video processing appliance that is custom configured using one of the pre-defined constellations, which can be purchased through the LYNX sales network. You are not limited to one constellation per greenMachine; you can switch between multiple licensed constellations to configure the machine for many different applications in your workflow.

greenMachine hardware devices are standalone processing modules with an intuitive control interface and LCD display for accessing and viewing the graphical menu. The LCD display and menu also allows you to monitor the video inputs and outputs. An entire greenMachine system is fully controlled by the powerful greenGUI® software available for Windows and Mac.

greenMachine hardware devices are extremely powerful and use the very latest high speed programmable Xilinx technology and dual ARM processors. greenMachine and its software, constellation based approach and architecture provides a future-proof solution for numerous applications from broadcast all the way to industrial type AV uses.


  • 4x 3G or 1x 4K/UHD general purpose A/V processing appliance
  • Internal input and output signal routers
  • Compatible with all greenMachine Constellations (Configurations)
  • Integrated control panel with color display for live image monitoring, audio level meters, status indication and menu driven control interface
  • Small footprint: 1RU high x half 19" rack width
  • 3x electrical SD/HD/3G SDI inputs. Level A and Level B DL
  • 3x electrical SD/HD/3G SDI outputs. Level A and Level B DL
  • 1x electrical SD/HD/3G/12G SDI Input. 12G Single Link / Quad Link 2SI Level A / BDL
  • 1x electrical SD/HD/3G/12G SDI Output. 12G Single Link / Quad Link 2SI Level A /BDL
  • 1x 4k/UHD HDMI input (1.4b) and 1x 4k/UHD HDMI output (1.4b)
  • 1x Analog reference input and output (bi-level or tri-level sync)
  • 1x Electrical LAN I/O connection
  • 4x Balanced analog audio or digital AES Audio inputs
  • 4x Balanced analog audio or digital AES Audio outputs
  • 4x GPI inputs and 4x GPI outputs
  • 1x Optional SDI fiber I/O (basic fiber or CWDM): SD/HD/3G
  • 1x Optional 12G SDI fiber I/O (basic fiber or CWDM): HD/3G/6G/12G
  • 1x Optional Ethernet LAN fiber connection (basic or CWDM)
  • Optional redundant power protection
  • Optional 19" rack frame
  • Full remote control using greenGUI control software
  • Nova controller with custom control included
  • Full SNMP V2 support

Ordering Information

GM 6840 EU greenMachine titan + 1 x Power Supply (EU power cord)
GM 6840 US greenMachine titan + 1 x Power Supply (US power cord)
GM 6840 UK greenMachine titan + 1 x Power Supply (UK power cord)
RBO 5025 25 Pin SubD Adapter PCB
RAC MF25-4/4 D-Sub 25 to 4 Male / 4 Female XLR Audio Cable
RPS A100 AC to DC Desktop Power Supply Module 12V/8A
RFR 6000 Rack Frame for greenMachine
RXT 6001 Rack extension for RFR 6000
OH-TR-1-LC 3Gbit SDI Optical Transceiver
OH-BD-1-1310-LC Bidirectional (Single Fiber) Transceiver
OH-BD-1-1550-LC Bidirectional (Single Fiber) Transceiver
OH-TR-4-XXXX-LC Fiber Optic CWDM Transceiver Option 40km (XXXX=Wavelength 1270nm to 1610nm)
OH-TR-8-XXXX-LC Fiber Optic CWDM Transceiver Option 80km (XXXX=Wavelength 1270nm to 1610nm)
OH-TR-0-850-MM Fiber Optic Transceiver Option Multimode (LC)
OH-TR-51-LC Data Optical Transceiver - Singlemode 10km
OH-TR-50-850-MM Data Optical Transceiver - Multimode
OH-TR-54-XXXX-LC Fiber SFP Data Transceiver (CWDM) 40km
OH-TR-58-XXXX-LC Fiber SFP Data Transceiver (CWDM) 80km
OH-TR-12G-LC 12G SDI Optical Transceiver
OH-TX-12G-XXXX-LC 12Gbit SDI Optical Transmitter - CWDM (XXXX=Wavelength 1270nm to 1610nm)
OH-TR-12G-XXXX-LC Fiber Optic 12G CWDM Transceiver Option (XXXX=Wavelength 1270nm to 1590nm)
OH-BD-51-1550-LC Bi-directional Gigabit Ethernet Transceiver
OH-BD-51-1310-LC Bi-directional Gigabit Ethernet Transceiver
OH-TX-12G-SDI 12G SDI Single Channel Electrical Transmitter
OH-RX-12G-SDI 12G SDI Single Channel Electrical Receiver